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Dr. Nguyen Bao Thoa

Welcome to the website of the Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) - a leading non-governmental organisation established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam to support for the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam.

Rural industries play a dominant role in Vietnam’s rural development programmes. The promotion of these industries leads to an improvement in social and economic conditions; and an overall balance between rural and urban industrial activities, which in turn, slows the migration of labour from rural to urban areas. 

It is a fact that most of the rural poor in Vietnam are involved in farming whose incomes are adversely affected by both global climate change and the volatility of the international free markets forced upon developing nations. As a result, many families are forced to seek other means to supplement their incomes. However they face extremely limited local opportunities such as seasonal labour for better-off farmers in lieu of migrating to the overcrowded cities for menial, low paid, labour-intensive jobs. Rural income diversification, particularly through local off-farm activities is where handicrafts have traditionally played a key role in rural areas. We believe the development of the rural industries can be utilised to improve the lives of rural farming communities, ethnic minorities with long histories in indigenous production, and for socially marginalised communities.

In recent years, VIRI have supported about 200 production groups ​​with over 3,000 households through the development of income generation activities. So far, 100 groups have become independent and capable of firmly standing on their own feet without further support from VIRI. VIRI is currently supporting more than 80 production groups with over 1,000 households through craft and non-craft development.
We also set up VIRICO (Vietnam Innovative Rural Industries Company) to continue to provide market-support for production groups even after the conclusion of projects at
VIRI is committed to the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam. In doing so, we have co-operated with Vietnamese and international organisations to study and implement a wide array of creative initiatives to encourage the development of community-driven local rural industries and other community development programmes and projects throughout Vietnam which will have a positive effect on the lives of many people.

Thank you for your interest in VIRI

Nguyen Bao Thoa
General Director