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Time frame: 2017-2018

Sponsor: British Council

Crafting Futures is a British Council global programme supporting the development of sustainable craft industries. In Vietnam, Crafting Futures will achieve its aim by working to connect creative practitioners (designers) and social and creative enterpris

As a new initiative within Crafting Futures programme in Vietnam, the Craft and Design Challenge Prize 2017 aiming to create new and more inclusive opportunities for women in sustainable and ethical craft-based production. VIRI joins to work with the British Council on this Challenge on the following works:

  1. Develop a document and presentation providing the Challenge’s participants an overview of the traditional craft villages in Vietnam and their practices.
  2. Develop and present a residency Orientation Session for the Challenge’s participants prior to their residencies. This Orientation Session includes practical advice and support on living and working within the communities and should seek to prepare the participants for the residencies.  
  3. Together with the British Council and its partners, identify craft communities for individual graduates or groups of up to 3 to undertake short residencies as part of the Craft & Design Challenge. These should be craft villages that have previous experience working with designers and other outsiders. 
  4. Provide a facilitator to accompany the Challenge’s participants for the initial stages of their residencies in the craft villages. This facilitator also be available throughout the residency to provide pastoral support and mediation where necessary in the case of any conflicts. 
  5. On behalf of the British Council, manage the budget as allocated to cover all expenses of the participants’ residencies. 
  6. Provide mentorship, coaching and feedback to participants on their project proposals following their residencies. 
  7. Support the University of Leicester to develop a toolkit for measuring the impact of social innovation projects in craft for Vietnam. 
  8. Work with the University of Leicester to develop a questionnaire for the participants to assess the needs and skills gaps of craft communities. 
  9. Nominate a representative of VIRI to participate in the shortlisting process and the Challenge jury.
  10. Support the participants to identify potential investors for their projects. 
  11.  Provide legacy support for the participants on their projects, including feedback on the projects, suggestions for improvement and other practical insights. 
  12.  Support the British Council and the University of Leicester to develop activity for Years 2 and 3 of the programme based on the evaluation of Year 1.