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Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute

Welcome to the website of the Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) - a leading non-governmental organization established by the Ethnology Association and licensed by Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam to support the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam since 1997.

Rural industries play a prominent role in rural socio-economic development in general and rural development programs in Vietnam in particular. During the past 20 years, VIRI has been focusing its efforts in improving the socio-economic conditions, and an overall balance of rural and urban industrial activities, diversify rural income sources especially through non-agricultural activities which in turn, reduces the migration of labour from rural to urban areas as well as enhance the role of women in the family and society.

Full introduction

In recent years, VIRI has been supporting more than 200 companies, cooperatives and production groups benefitting over 50,000 households with a positive impact in terms of income improvement, climate change mitigation and women empowerment. VIRI is a formal Business Support Organization of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Vietnam, 10 Fair Trade principles are being applied in our philosophy and daily work.

VIRI is committed to the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam. In doing so, we have been cooperating with Vietnamese and International organizations to study and implement a wide array of creative initiatives to encourage the development of community-driven local rural industries and other community development programs and projects throughout Vietnam with positive effects on the economy, society and environment.

Thank you for your interest in VIRI

Nguyen Bao Thoa, DBA

Up-coming Events

  • Nov 2018

    VIRI will collaborate with VIRICO to join OVOP Trade Fair

    VIRI will collaborate with VIRICO to join OVOP Trade Fair during November 21-25, 2018 with special products from development project, such as orange products in Nghe An, Suoi Giang shan tea, bamboo shoot from Quan Son, forest honey from Khe Ro forest, bath salth and essential oil from Nghe An and Sapa, dried vegetable & fruits from Sapa, etc Especially, we will introduce new range of products from Kudzu such ans kudzu mocha, kudzu ice cream, kudzu cookies under Japanese techniques. We hope this is a good opportunity to introduce the best products from disadvantage people in Vietnam. Place: Mega Mall Royal City – 72 Nguyen Trai street, Hanoi

  • Sep 2018

    Implementation of CBT based on Bau Truc pottery heritage in Ninh Thuan province

    With the aim of preservating the musical heritage of Cham people as well as livelihood improvement for local people, VIRI shall Implementation of Community based tourism based on Bau Truc pottery heritage in Ninh Thuan province. Main activities of the project includes capacity building and development of local products, tourism hospitality and tourism management. The project shall be implemented in September 2018, financed by the British Council.

  • Sep 2018

    Kudzu cakes making training sessions in Hanoi and Nghe An

    VIRI is pleased to announce that Mr. Katsuhisa Matsumoto, a Japanese professional confectionery maker, will lead a session on making kudzu cakes on September 12th, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 for 5 coffee shops in Hanoi free of charge. In the training session, 4 types of cakes with kudzu as main ingredients will be introduced. Also, Mr. Katsuhisa Matsumoto will provide training for Nam Anh kudzu and turmeric powder production cooperative from September 13th to 16th, 2018 at Nam Anh Commune, Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province. Kudzu used in the session will be from Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province, a product developped in the framework of the Diversification of livelihoods based on heritage tourism at agricultural and fishery villages project, funded by JICA in 2017. The product met all food hygiene safety regulations.

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