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Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) was founded by The Vietnam Association of Ethnologists and Anthropologists and licensed by Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technologies in 1997. Our aim is to develop sustainable rural industries creating opportunities of economic and social development in rural areas of Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience working in community development, we have successfully built many models based on the following best practices:

  • Evaluate and design plans based on local resources in line with priority programs of the local government.
  • Enhance income opportunities and fight poverty reduction through sustainable development
  • Contribute to preservation of traditional crafts and traditional culture.
  • Foster and build strong relationships and communities through project initiatives.
  • Create clear socio-economic opportunities which create conditions creation for children to attend schools, capacity building for women, and increase the number of women participating in leadership roles in local governments & local initiatives.
  • Initiate change in local traditional thinking to avoid local tendencies to depend on the project.
  • Access local and international funds and investment to contribute to community building projects.
  • Develop current & innovative models and expand similar models, create spreading characteristic of the project based on public private partnerships.

A combination of these methods has ensured the success of projects implemented by VIRI. VIRI implemented projects are all nuclear projects to be further developed locally.

Last but not least, VIRICO serves as the economic arm for VIRI, which was formed to create market linkages for produces groups of VIRI. VIRICO has experience and expertise in business promotion, developing markets and intersects with community development initiatves through Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI). Through this collaborative model, VIRI & VIRICO offers support to our groups well after the project comes to an end and ensures producer groups can yield long term benefits. (www.virico.vn).

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