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On June 06, Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) cooperates with Green Net Company organized the event "Introduction of sustainable products" in InterContinental hotel – Hanoi Westlake. This is our final event in a series of five  on this subject that we have conducted over the last few months in Hue and Hanoi. There were more than 100 participants from different sectors, especially there were represented from dinguished guests: Relating to our guests: 1. Mr. Kamal Malhotra, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and his wife, madam Anita Malhotra 2. Ms. Nguyen Thu Huyen, Cordinator of the GEF, UNDP 3. Mr. Hoang Thanh, Ms. Hong Anh and Ms. Kim Thu from the European Delegation to Vietnam 4. Mr. Nagase, Ms. Miki, Mr. Shibasaki and colleagues from JICA Vietnam 5. Dr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Director of WWF Vietnam Relating to the project:  Mr. Nguyen Dai Anh Tuan, Head of Project Management Board of Green Anamite project in Thua Thien Hue province  Mr. Do Dang Teo, vice director of Ecodit office As well as our valuable guests both  Vietnamese, and International and members of the news media from Vietnam News, Sketch magazines and Friend Heritage. Especially, the owners of the event are artisans from two mountainous areas of Thua Thien Hue province, those of Nam Dong and A Luoi districts as well as members of the group Q&A, who are a group of manufacturers comprised of people with mentally and physical disabilities. Through these series of events, The Green Anamite Program of the USAID, VIRI and the Green Alliance Company want to bring meaningful messages about sustainable production, responsible consumption and biodiversity conservation, especially the protection of rare and precious creatures such as Sao La - an "Asian unicorn" endemic to the Central Truong Son region. A part of sale of the products will be contribute to local forest management fund. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Emporium shop – our partner in the sale of our products, and the hotel InterContinental for their joint support of this event. This event belongs to the activities package of the sub project “Sustainable production and responsible consumption” granted by the Green Anamite faction of  USAid. The purpose of the sub-project is to increase the livelihoods of people living near forests, in order to reduce the illegal activities such as poaching, and thus to conserve bio-diversity As we know, our natural systems are weakened day by day due to unsustainable activities of human beings. In Central Vietnam, this puts particular pressure on the forests. But still the local people who live around the forests  need to make a living. So we have a challenge to support both the forests and also the indigenous peoples of those areas. That is why we are working to establish methods by which to support these vulnerable peoples, and at the same time not to exploit the delicate and ecologically important environments in which they live.  VIRI and Green Net has been working with local forest people on sustainable production of local products such as handicraft and herbal products. In this we have achieved some remarkable results. At the same time these people have gained some sense of reliance and integrity into their lives. Also the satisfaction of creating beautiful products. They are very happy that their products are introduced and sold at different shops in Hanoi and Hue and especially they are delight to contribute part of the revenue generated from their products to the local Forest management Fund The first success comes from the great efforts of local people – VIRI, we are just the facilitator to support them realize that protecting and using sustainable natural resources is the way for our human-beings to live in peace and harmony on the earth and to preserve the Earth for our future generations. We are happy to be connected here together for such a good purpose, and to share with and inspire others  in the benefits of  sustainable production and consumption – Goal No. 12 in the SDGs which will create prosperity for humans and health for the earth.