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The Eco-Fair project in collaboration with Bac Tom's store system to provide sustainably certified products for customers

On September 28th, the project "Promotion of supply and demand of eco-fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam" (Eco-Fair) had a meeting and exchange with Mr. Chien - Founder - Director of Bac Tom's store System

After nearly 20 years as a consultant with a passion for natural agriculture, and at the same time realizing the inadequacies in the clean food industry, Mr. Tran Manh Chien decided to establish his first store in No. 6 Nguyen Cong Tru Stress in 2010, laid the first brick for BacTom's clean food store. With the vision: To become a natural farming unit for both farmers and consumers. Together with the goal: Provide the highest quality, healthy products; Promote the natural farming system; Promote a healthy lifestyle.

Over a decade ago, Bac Tom's brand was continuously developing, both scale and product diversity. Bac Tom's goals and modes of operation are also the characteristics of eco-fair. Therefore, the two units have exchanged and discussed cooperation to promote and fostẻ more widely for a sustainable consumer lifestyle. Thereby creating favorable conditions for sustainable production methods to go hand in hand.