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Success Stories

Our Success Stories

The typical model on No child labour in Dương Lieu, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

After a period of work, the household enthusiastically coordinated to participate in the project and made obvious changes. Households have a clear awareness of child labor, comply with the law, do not use child labor, if there are 17-year-old workers, they will arrange suitable work, working time less than the normal employees. And don’t allow their children to participate in labor Households are very grateful to see the change and are willing to participate in the certification of production households without child labor as well as share their stories with other production facilities or other households

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Diversification of orange products in Con Cuong district

Now, with the success of producs from orange which associated with community-based tourism, the value of oranges will increase significantly. Clean orange products will be one of the key tourism products, contributing to poverty reduction, environmental pollution reduction from orange in canals as well as tourism promotion for mountainous Con Cuong Districts.

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Success story: Fair trade journey

Project Promoting Fair Trade in Vietnam was funded by The European Union, implemented in 3 years from 2014-2017 with 5 specific objectives as follow: (1) To assess the potental of fair trade business in Viet Nam, (2) To raise awareness and promote fair trade business in Viet Nam, (3) To build capacity for fair trade SMEs in Viet Nam to comply with European market access requirements, (4) To develop market linkages between fair trade companies in Viet Nam and fair trade buyers in the Europe as well as to develop local fair trade channels, (5) To develop trade policy for fair trade in Viet Nam. The project has been successful, achieving all indicators, outputs and expected results and in accordance with the time schedule.

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The rattan nursery group

Mr Nghe said: “ From the day participating in to the project, my family life changed a lots, previously my family cultivated all year but still not had enough food and clothes, my childen had no learning condition. But now everything change, my family life is better, my childen can go to shool, house is more spacious. Thanks for the concern and help of OHK, SDC, VIRI help us out of poverty. Hopefully in the future there will be more examples of overcoming difficulties in the small poor Vang Mon hamlet, mountainous communes in Yen Hoa.

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