We envision a future where VIRI is the leading organisation working for the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam.


Our mission is to utilise the knowledge outcomes from our research and development investment to foster sustainable, productive and profitable rural industries in order to improve livelihoods of disadvantaged and marginalised people, empower women and protect the environment. VIRI focuses on the research and development of all aspects of the supply chain and seeks to open up new opportunities for a wide variety of rural industries in Vietnam and the region.

As a matter of principle, we adopt new technologies and systems for rural industries in order to provide knowledge to increase profitability, resilience and sustainability, empowering local communities to address national issues affecting rural industries. Our priority is simple: to focus on the development of clean, healthy and environmentally-friendly products. We are dedicated to rigorous standards of excellence with a commitment to learning and working in partnership with individuals, groups, and communities. We strive to be open and equitable in our work and mindful of our social responsibilities to those we assist. These values bring all VIRI members together in a shared culture, and aim to inspire a strong feeling of belonging to a single unified organisation.

VIRI’s product map

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VIRI 20 years anniversary