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Climate Smart Network

Within the framework of cooperation and implementation of the project “Promoting supply and demand for Eco Fair processing agricultural products in Vietnam” (Eco Fair) funded by the EUD-Switch Asia program, the PGS and VietGAP standards have been successfully listed on the Standard maps of the International Trade Center (ITC), alongside with other international sustainable standards.

Although the Eco Fair project has officially ended in May 2023, the Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) continues coordinating with certification organizations to upload certified businesses on the Climate Smart Network: https://climatesmart.intracen.org/

The Climate Smart Network partners with global initiatives to empower climate smart small businesses.  The platform provides the means to enable small businesses to showcase their commitment to low carbon transition and resilience, the measures they have implemented following coaching, or their compliance to third party standards which address low carbon transition and resilience. VIRI is honor to be official partner organization of the Climate Smart Network.

The listing of Vietnamese businesses on the Climate Smart Network aims to promote promote certified businesses to international customers and build up Vietnamese standrds in international market.