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 The Fair went well with many orders signed right at the Fair with a total value of nearly EUR1 million. The number of new customers accounted for about 50% of total number of customers, most of whom are from Germany and the Netherlands.

During the Fair, the Eco-Fair project, in collaboration with the International Trade Center (ITC), provided a list of customers for businesses participating in the Fair, in order to prepare for the business’s trade promotion (HANUTI Seed World Joint Stock Company, HTC Hiep Thanh Tea Company, Vinasamex Joint Stock Company and Visimex Joint Stock Company).

In this Fair, there were 2 enterprises directly supported by Eco-Fair project to achieve European Organic certification, which were HANUTI Company and Tram Chim Company. At the fair, the project also introduced about businesses and cooperatives such as Quang Phu Cooperative, whohad a successful virtual discussion with customers and made an appointment with them in Daknong province in August.

With the support of the Eco-Fair project, many businesses have gone through the transition from local to international organic certification, including Sepon organic rice, Quang Phu processed fruit, and Dong Thuan cashew nut. It is expected these businesses will participate in the Biofach fair in the near future.

Links to promotion materials for the Fair and customers are as follows, including images of products of businesses attending the Fair: