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Eco- Fair Project: Training for local staffs

On April 16th, 2021, at Daruko hotel in Dak Lak provice, Dr. Nguyen Bao Thoa, Director of Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute, Manager of project “Promotion of supply and demand of eco fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam” had the training combined seminar with local staff regarding to the challenges and impacts of climate change on Vietnam’s SMEs and cooperatives, the efficient use of resources, regenerative production, as well as global trends in sustainable sourcing.

Climate change and environmental pollution are currently two major problems around the world. This is also an issue that threatens the stability of the society as well as the economy. Ineffective and unsustainable use of resources in production and consumption play a major role in causing climate change, environmental pollution and biodiversity degradation. According to a survey by International Trade Centre (ITC), main impacts from climate change to business operation in Vietnam includes: (1) Increasing production cost, (2) Reducing productivity, especially productivity in agriculture sector, (3) Property damage from natural hazards and supply chain disruption, etc.

Because of the scarcity of raw material, efficient use of resources and regenerative production are becoming a trend as businesses are observing benefits from reduced production costs, in addition to helping businesses increase their resilience to negative effects of climate change, while minimizing harmful environmental effects from operating process.

The efficient use of resources and regenerative production are also being standardized by local governments and international standards to improve business production process. In recent year, there has been a clear shift in the trend of global sustainable production and consumption. Customers are increasingly demanding about transparency and traceability of products in the supply chain of businesses.

Attending the seminar were over 100 delegates from Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development nationwide.