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Hien Luong traditional – Foregin village ‘Hue people’s pride

According to the old bibliographies, and according to document which carved on ancient bell in the year of 18th Gia Long (1819), which carved some famous people on forge and mechanics under Nguyen dynasty such as Nguyen Luong Nhi, Nguyen Luong Xa, Hoang Van

Lich… Among ancestors of forge in the village, villagers has spent special love to Hoang Van Lich who was master craftmen with special talent on forge and mechanics who have hand down this craft to many people who become famous craftmen at that time.

The second famous craftman of Hien Luong village is Tran Van Dac who were granted diplomas and certifications on his distribution in forge and mechanics under Nguyen dynasty as well as certification under Minh Mang King (1829), the 8th year of Tu Duc King (1855); and the 6th year of Khai Dinh King (1921).

One of the extremely scarcity event under the Feudal age is that the famous people on forge and mechanics in Hien Luong village conferred up to marquis who not descended from competition-examinations. Their talent golden hands were respected and treasured.

Succeeding forefather’s traditional career, in the modern time, Hien Luong forge village has many famous followers such as Mr. Duong Phuoc Thien, a skilled worker on lathe, forge techniques; Mr. Truong Quang Sung – a master craftmen and a famous and respected vocational teacher.

Traditional forge of Hien Luong village, along with the famous people born crowded forge and mechanical generations who work throughout of Vietnam. Products made by Hien Luong people are high quality, prestigious, plentiful and diversified in design, shape, and charming traditional character of Hien Luong. This is big pride of Hien Luong village through historic periods, especially industrialization and modernization period of the country today.