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The opening ceremony of the Eco Fair shop

On February 23, 2021, the Project “Promotion of Supply and Demand for Eco Fair Agri-Food processing products in Vietnam” (Eco-Fair) officially opened the Eco-fair shop at Shophouse 10, Park 7, Times City, 428 Minh Khai street, Hanoi.

Attending the opening ceremony, there were representatives of the Eco-fair Project, fair trade experts and representatives of businesses and cooperatives participating in the project. The anti-epidemic regulations were strictly followed by all attendees such as wearing masks and hand washing antiseptic.

In order to ensure the operation’s efficiency, the form of coordination is built on the project support and the operating costs need to be contributed by the participants. Products of enterprises and cooperatives are introduced and sold at Eco-fair shop. They can send their products to the shop or appoint salesman and introduction at the shop by themselves. In the coming time, the project will coordinate with enterprises and cooperatives to launch promotional events with online and offline campaign to contribute to the promotion of Eco Fair Agri-Food products in Vietnam.