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The Green Finance online course

Course link: Các nguồn tài chính xanh (funzi.mobi)

Course link: Các nguồn tài chính xanh (funzi.mobi)

In today’s era of free trade, when the competition becomes more and more fierce, businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, have to become more and more dynamic to find a position in the market for their customers. Maybe your business already has plans for more sustainable innovation or relies on knowledge gained from Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) courses and product innovation. The business has mapped out the next steps to increase the competitiveness and reputation of the business. But to turn plans into real-world projects, we’ll need to borrow money.


o   Is the project feasible and worth the investment?

o   What funding sources might be suitable for the project?

o   What do you need to prepare for the loan application?

o   What are the important points that can make your project more attractive in the eyes of investors

Topic 1: Green financial resources

It is a fact that SMEs often find it difficult to get loans compared to larger enterprises. So what are the barriers here, and how can your business overcome them?

The answers to the questions above and the list of financial institutions suitable for the sustainable production of small and medium agricultural production enterprises are the content that we will cover in this topic.

What will you learn?

o   Understand the reasons why businesses find it difficult to get loans from banks.

o   Better understanding of green financial sources, financial institutions suitable for business projects; How to access these resources?

Topic 2: Making a profile to access loans for investment projects for sustainable production.

If you have one or more ideas that you want to implement to promote the development of your business in a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. This topic will help you know if the ideas are feasible and worth the investment if it’s a practical idea, would you like to start looking for funding to implement it? This topic will learn about the detailed steps from funding selection, application preparation, and points you need to keep in mind to make your application easy to pass during the review process.

Is this information useful to you?

What are you waiting for to get started!

What will you learn?

o   Understand the steps to form a sustainable production investment project and its benefits

o   Become familiar with capital budgeting and funding sources

o   Understand the detailed steps and notes when making a loan/support application