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Sustainable production for MSMES course

Link of Eco Fair course: funzi.mobi/go/sanxuatbenvung2

Project: Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam

Link of Eco Fair course: funzi.mobi/go/sanxuatbenvung2

Launching time: 1/10/2020

In recent years, Vietnam, with efforts to seize the opportunities and expand the markets, has signed Free trade agreements (FTAs) with many countries and territories around the world. In particular, in June 2019, Vietnam successfully signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (EVFTA). Accompanying with expectations to help boost exports of Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products, this agreement puts Vietnamese businesses, especially small and medium-sized processing enterprises, ahead of great challenge. How to meet the stringent requirements of European products, not only in product quality, but also in terms of management, manufacturing, environmental management, and standardization requirements traceability?

This course is designed with the desire to provide MESEs with tools to help promote the development and shorten the path to difficult markets like Europe.

 Three important tools that this course will provide you:

  • RECP: Solutions to help companies use resources efficiently and towards cleaner and more sustainable production.
  • Product innovation methods to increase competitiveness, sales and profits.
  • And an understanding of standards and certification that company will need to meet when participating in the international playground.

 This course is for you if:

  • Your company wants to improve the quality of products and production processes, but does not have to spend a lot of money and effort to handle the generated waste.
  • Your company wants to do long-term business and generate profits in a sustainable way.
  • Your company wants to create good products that are well received by the market.
  • Your company wants to create a beautiful image with the surrounding community and public opinion.
  • You want your factory’s everyday work environment to be safe and low-risk.

 What will you learn:

  • Have a better understanding of business challenges now and in the near future
  • Benefits brought when businesses decide to change
  • Overview of the tool that you will learn in the course.