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A Bamboo Space! A Glorious Bamboo Space!

A bamboo space always brings about a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Any color or architectural style can be in harmony within a bamboo space, no matter whether there’s a hot or cold color, traditional or modern architecture. Inheriting a special characteristic feature, the bamboo furniture of Trang Bang is one of the indispensable elements for creating such a marvelous space.

Trang Bang can be compared with an immense bamboo forest and where bamboo groves shade all roads, creating a nice melody on a windy noon. Bamboo has grown closely attached to Trang Bang villagers, from toothpicks and chopsticks to columns of houses, benches, or fences are all made of bamboo. Thanks to its splendid natural characteristics, bamboo in Trang Bang has excellent distinguishing characteristics – it’s a special kind of bamboo that is very thick, strong, and flexible in comparison with many bamboo species.

Living among precious materials, Trang Bang people in general and craftspeople of An Hoa commune in particular have brought a pastoral nature into the modern house. Thanks to a creative tradition, Trang Bang people have combined properly artistic elements with bamboo materials to create new value-added products.

Their products are not only limited to pastoral table sets and simple benches but also extended to luxurious indoor and outdoor decor such as saloons, couches, chairs, cabinets, and screens. Some are combined with textiles with examples being cushions and pillows for convenient usage. For a long time, Vietnamese have used bamboo for building houses. Trang Bang people now have solved the weak points of bamboo – insects and lack of durability – by treatment and structural processes to ensure beauty and durability.

Bamboo furniture of Trang Bang has won the confidence of domestic and international customers. Trang Bang is not only a materials’ cradle for all parts of country, their products are exported to many countries, with Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany, and Australia serving as prime examples. Many enterprises have taken notice of the advantages of material availability and have invested in modern equipment for steady development. They carry the notable names of Nha Viet, Lung Tru Furniture, and Nam Binh etc, and they have contributed to marvelous bamboo spaces creating the ultimate ambiance for a beautiful life

Photo: https://dulich.ktkttayninh.edu.vn/