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Bao La, the Bamboo Weaving Village

Bao La is a distinguished bamboo weaving villages known for its excellent basketry and fashionable trays. This bamboo weaving village is located in Quang Phu commune in the Quang Dien District along northern end of the Bo River.

For those who seek to understand the heart of the Vietnamese communities, Bao La Village is a good example. Regarded for their basketry weaving, the people of Bao La understand this craft well. Under the harmonious leadership of the forefather of the village, each hamlet of the village specializes in one kind of basket weaving to prevent unnecessary strife and competition, and to encourage a cooperative spirit throughout.

The Bao La villagers are very proud of their accomplishments. Besides their dexterity, creativity, passionate expressions in labor and ability to work closely together, a unique feature of Bao La village is their high degree of specialization in production process. Some households only focus on material treatment; some focus on the bamboo bases; some focus on bamboo rims; and others focus on the finishing touches and decorative details.

Being a traditional craft village, Bao La villagers work together towards a collective competitiveness in the future. To ensure a place in foreign and domestic markets they focus on high quality products and ensure a high value associated with their crafts to meet the demands of specialized markets. For those interested in participating in the development of Vietnam, it may be said that Bao La is a good investment in a spirited weaving village.

Photo: http://vietnamhuetourism.vn