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Bau Da wine village

Bau Da village belongs to Cu Lam hamlet, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district. Bau Da wine is famous now and becomes an indispensable gift from the land of martial arts. Visiting Bau Da village, the tourists find very interesting to witness process and techniques of wine making, enjoying arts of wine pouring, tasting drops of boiling hot wine and listening to interesting anecdotes about the renowned Bau Da brand name specialty.

Many wine villages in the region change their ways of making wine to get the most benefits. Yet, the local residents at Cu Lam hamlet still keep their own technique which has been handed down from generation to generation. All of the steps – from rice grain selection, rice cooking and fermentation to wine boiling with bronze pots and alcoholic beverage distillation with bamboo straws – are kept unchanged. Bau Da wine is transparent and has special fine fragrance. Sipping it, you will find a light sweetish aftertaste in the larynx. If you accidentally overdrink, you won’t experience any pleasant headache like drinking other kinds of wines.

If you haven’t enjoyed the Binh Dinh specialities such as a kind of local birds which is smaller than sparrow and live at sugar fields in Phu Phong town, Huyen market fermented pork roll together with Bau Da wine during your travelling to Binh Dinh, you will be considered having no visit to the land of martial arts. Hence, Bau Da wine has been the typical cultural trait of Tay Son, Binh Dinh.

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