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Cham brocade weaving village

Brocade weaving craft of Cham ethnic people in My Nghiep not only carry the traditional beauty of brocade but also filled with typical Cham cultural value with original designs and variable products such as: xarong, shawl, hat, overcoat,…

Located at about 10 km south of Phan Rang town, My Nghiep village is belonging to Ninh Phuoc and it is the only traditional brocade weaving of Cham people in Ninh Thuan. According to local people, Polnuga King was an famous artisan who created this craft and taught villagers about the spinning and weaving since 11st century.

Long time ago, My Nghiep villagers plan cotton for materials; use spate and Chum Bau trees and thin mud for dyeing materials; use simple looms to make quality products and artistic flower designs on fabric. Their products have been sold to Cham people as well as other neighboring inhabitants such as Raglai, Churu & Ede.

Through many ups and downs, the brocade weaving of the Cham people has been well developed. Visiting My Nghiep village, you will have chance to see the skillful hands of weavers and artisans to make sophisticated brocade products such as skirts, coats, scarves, table clothes, bed covers, belts,… with different designs such as samarium shape (bingu tamun), stylized dragon (bingu hang), dog leg (takay asau), bird leg (takay wa)….

You will be attracted by the original and natural designs and colors, each brocade is almost unique because of the creation and sudden inspiration of My Nghiep villagers It is very easy to notice the ideas & sentiments of Cham people in each brocade to create a typical Champa cultural message to pass from generation to generation.

The harmony combination of tradition and modern help brocade has a strong foothold in local and international market. In recent years, there are more and more tourists coming to My Nghiep village, villagers started making souvenir items such as tie, handbag, purse, waist coat…. and traditional products such as table cloth, decoration scarf, overcoat,… Especially, foreigners are very keen on the xarong (tukman) which is a formal dress of ancient King and Queen with sophisticated designs and made by soft fabric material.

Photo: phanrangninhthuan.com