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Cu Da village – A famous trade village make vermicelli in Hanoi

Tens of years, people of North Vietnam increasingly preferred flavor arrowroot vermicelli and gradually forget type vermicelli made from  green bean. Many diners are interested only addresses good food, they do not know the source of production materials to create that appeal dishes .

Distance center of Hanoi 20km in the direction of west , we journey to a village a long tradition of making vermicelli – Cu Da  vermicelli  village. Nestled inside the Nhue river,  village stretched and shaped fish with bones stabbed neighbor across the lane, narrow, red-tiled. Gate also run to the river with brick veranda  to rise up water edge. The planned nature of the village typical for an ancient Vietnamese village have agricultural while trading.

To Cu Da village, we do not praise out before the ancient beauty, but by the time the traditional preserve and promote until today. Ancient village famous for do the job soy-bean, this village is also known as vermicelli where the largest production vermicelli  in the North now.

Vermicelli is created by skillful hands of skilled artisans, experienced the stages very meticulous. Powder arrowroot after undergoing initial processing stages, to rinse into cakes, steamed and dry. The cakes were dry on large bamboo wattle everywhere, from drying yard in the house, terrace, large grass, then the village roads.

After the cakes bamboo wattle were dry enough sunlight, they are collected and rolled into the fiber by machine. Each machine rolled, the yellow vermicelli fiber to appear together, but they have not been brought to consumption. That vermicelli to be delicious, crunchy and tough, who do vermicelli to a sunny dry again.

Looking at the gold iridescent vermicelli fiber, smoother is exposed everywhere in the village, as we believe communication is the silk producing villages. The silk stripe from vermicelli drying in the sun every other serial output on each corner, creating a very beautiful scenery, attracted the curiosity of visitors to this.

Cu Da Village has traditionally made from vermicelli in many years, many generations have gone through to know how fluctuations occur but secret product vermicelli has been handed down year after year all other generations and descendants process and promoting what ancestors to leave. Now, vermicelli Cu Da village made famous trademark. Product vermicelli from here is distributed everywhere, the number of customers increasing order vermicelli and many customers have ordered for a long time to get new goods, which said to be the attraction and reputation for quality product.

Vermicelli  has become familiar to the people of Vietnam, especially common foods is indispensable in tray of New Year day in the great day in family of Vietnamese. Vermicelli creates a beauty in the food culture of the Vietnamese and international friends extremely favorite. And Cu Da village production vermicelli increasingly receiving more attention of the house party and international.

Ancient in architecture, simple living , art in production vermicelli , which is all that we can talk about this traditional village – Cu Da village vermicelli