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Embroidery pictures in Da Lat

There is a city of a thousand flowers surrounded by green pine forests whispering in the wind, gently rolling valleys, poetic and limpid lakes, dazzling white waterfalls and a serene blue sky. The dreamlike city of Da Lat is truly an inspiration to countless poets, and home to talented artisans of Vietnamese embroidery.

Nature has awarded Da Lat an incomparable setting. Any visitor can readily feel the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of this mythical space which imbues the villager’s soul with the quintessence of Vietnamese art.

A visitor to Da Lat will never forget the art of embroidery they discover. Famous names such as XQ and Huu Hanh quickly draw their attention. Each embroidery picture is not only created with skillful techniques and diverse threads, but enhanced by the artisan’s imagination, their strong connection to nature and humanity, a hope for the future, and reflection on the past.

Many local and foreign visitors coming to Da Lat discover the amazing needlework of these masters through their marvelous creations and insightful inspirations. Master artisan groups such as XQ or Huu Hanh can present fascinating details hinting to a mutual understanding between skilled craftsman and the subject. Sometimes it is revealed in a gentle wrinkle and a profound glint in the eye of an old woman. Other times it can come in the form of a soft curve of a young woman’s hand. The attention to the smallest detail in the embroidery brings about this feeling of closeness.

Skilled embroidery artisans also bring out vivid features not possible in other art forms. Scenes such as the precarious crossing of a ferry boat, fisherman gathering near a quiet riverside wharf at dawn, or a lone pine on a grassy hill overlooking a distant village all require attention to the smallest details. Cultural traits and unique characteristics can also be seen in the inspirational needle-work. The one unifying feature that is readily viewed in all embroidery is the spirit of life, which is the most essential part of an embroidered scene. Not only must the artist yearn to become a master artisan, but also a philosopher, creating in each embroidered scene a symbolic and colorful world, detailing the beauty of life in a rich and vibrant culture.

Photo: daveswebsites.weebly.com