Project “Up-scaling of Pro-poor Rattan/Bamboo Value Chain Development for Women and Ethnic Minorities” has been conducted in 03 years from April 2013 to March 2016, in the area of 04 districts Con Cuông, Tương Dương, Quỳ Châu and Quế Phong, Nghệ An province. The project is co-funded by Switzerland Development Cooperation – SDC and Oxfam. Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) is the main implementer of the project at the local sites.
The final evaluation trip of the independent evaluation team, in order to evaluate the efficiency, performance, suitability, and other project effects on the community and the sustainability of the project, runs from February 25 to February 27 in Tương Dương and Quỳ Châu districts, Nghệ An province.
The meeting with interest groups has gathered full attendance from the local farmers. Besides, there is also attendance from commune leaders, staffs from Agriculture Department of the two districts. The groups also displayed very positive attitude when participating in project activities, clearly show efficiency in economic, social and market aspects that the project brought: the awareness of the local farmers has shifted from passively participating in the project to actively view the project as their own and take charge in the change.
Through market promotion activities, a product consumption network is established, playing a part in broaden the market. Production groups transforms from their self-sufficient production to product-based production. The product quantity are consumed at 3 – 4 times higher compared to previously.
The income of the production groups in rattan seedlings nursery; by hand production increases by 3 – 4 times compared with before the project and reach 15-17 million Dong/person/year; creating stabilization for hundreds of ethnic minorities people; positively improving family lives; creating close knit relationship, sharing and collaborating between members of the same production group as well as in other groups (rattan growers groups, rattan seedlings nursery groups, handicraft groups).
After 03 years of conducting the project with the enthusiasm of implementing agencies, local government and the local farmers, the project has reached all expected results.
Local government representative and local farmers wanted to show their appreciation for the sponsors as well as implementing agencies. They show a determination to maintain and develop further the groups after the project.