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PHUOC TICH CERAMIC – A reviving Craft Village

Phuoc Tich was formed in 15th century, it belongs to Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province. The name of ceramic village has been changed many times: initially, in the earlier Le dynasty, the orriginal name was Dong Quyet, then changed into Phuoc Giang, under Tay Son dynasty, the village changed to Hoang Giang and finally under the Nguyen dynasty, its name changed to Phuoc Tich and keep the same name as nowadays. Phuoc Tich is famous on ceramic in Hue capital wide.

Phuoc Tich has a poetic beauty, each old house has large garden with many fruit-trees of about 1,000 -1,500m2. The border is made of tea-fence around the houses with the average height which create a friendly and warmly atsmotphere with neighbors. Ruong house community in Phuoc Tich is very famous because of its bulky and ancient looking. There are 27/117 acient Ruong houses with age more than 100 years old and 10 ancient family temples which still keep the same orriginal situation. Ancient houses locates in the space of an ancient village which arranged nicely with the country lane, in close proximity to ancient garden which

connected closely to old architecture of ancestral temples and ancestor temples… Over 500 years of establishment with many fluctuation of history, Phuoc Tich is preserving highly material and immaterial culture value.

Besides of ancient Ruong houses – over 100 years old, the village preserves a system of historical, religious monument such as communal house, pagoda, temple, church of families, historical monument of Champa … The valuable architecture is enveloped in view general of traditional Vietnamese village. Ancient tree approximately 500 years old, shore, yard of temple, garden create beautiful country village reflected in the O Lau River.

Visiting Phuoc Tich, visitors can see not only the beauty of countryside – the village proposal to recognize heritage village but also attach one kind of old ceramic reviving. Shinning, sophistication, and endurance of Phuoc Tich ceramic distinguished from other places. Visitors coming to this village always praise, satisfy and admire skilled hands of artisans and buy lovely gifts which many years Phuoc Tich ceramic absent in the market. It can be said that Hue festivals knocked the doors of the craft villages, long – standing, unique cultural values of Thuan Hoa – Phu Xuan land. This unique craft village have both contributed to enrichment for countryside and creation to specific culture for ancient Phuoc Tich village. Nowadays, if know inherit and develop ceramic with Phuoc Tich trade mark and fine arts of traditional and unique ceramic for decorating and exporting, and this traditional craft – a pride of villagers is reviving.

Photo: http://image.baothuathienhue.vn