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Stone Arts at Ngu Hanh Son

No one visiting Da Nang city should fail to see Ngu Hanh Son, the five mountains of the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth on the coast of the Eastern sea. This is not only a “paradise” with poetic landscape but also a famous stone carving village whose delicate and stunning products allure every visitor.

Nature has offered the people here the a natural vein with multiple colors of stone out of which the talent artisans create thousands of products. From the huge products such as replicas of Buddha or Jesus, to super natural animals, statues and furniture. For those not wanting to return with a 3 meter high statue of a dragon, there are many vases, tea sets, plates, small statues and jewelry available.

The clatter of chiseling and carving sounds day and night with the artisans here expressing their artistic talents in a myriad of ways.

Photo: webdanang.com