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The Art of Embroidery

It may be said that the unique feature of embroidery from Hue is in its ability to capture the intensity of vibrant yet subtle color and astonishing detail associated with oil painting and transfer it to traditional embroidery. For the embroiderers of Hue, their work has maintained a high degree artistic value for generations and is recognized around the world due to their skillful creations expressed through carefully selected fabrics, threads and colours.

Historically speaking, the field of embroidery prospered immensely under the Nguyen Dynasty when famous artisans from throughout Vietnam rushed to the Imperial City of Hue to serve the needs of Vietnamese royalty and the aristocracy. These Gold-handed artisans were responsible for a vast range of sophisticated and unique embroideries.

Additionally, the creative artisans of Hue were the first to combine European lace brought by the colonial traders with the quintessential Asian embroidery to create the distinguished embroidery of the Vietnamese royalty. Due to the industrious and patient characteristics of the women of Hue, the artisans are typically women whose creativity has been set free to fashion imaginative and lively masterpieces reflective of long held traditions. As a result, impressive hand embroidered products of various patterns implicitly manifest the emotions of life; the pain of loss; the hopes and innocence of youth; the dreams of true love; and closely kept inner feelings of sorrow, all revealing the heartfelt passions, aspirations and emotions of Vietnamese woman.

To become a highly-regarded and sophisticated embroiderer, aspiring young women have to pass through a long series of trials, testing not only their commitment, but their patience, tolerance and altruism. Passing through this Embroidic Right of Passage brings out the vitality within the young craftswomen. First the young apprentice has to observe the experienced embroiderers carefully everyday. They must note how to choose the right color and thread
combinations. So begins the history of embroidery and the initial training which later brings out the renown skillfulness that produce unmatched.

Photo: tintuc.hues.vn