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The Land of Sedge Handicrafts

Long ago a group of fairies flew across the area. The youngest fairy gazed upon the vast sea and took particular notice of the shoreline. She saw the rich soil and couldn’t help falling in love with the beautiful sight of the sea. To mark this special place she cut her long smooth and burnished hair and left the pieces on the ground. Day by day, as the wind blew and the sea splashed, the strands of her hair were swept to the seashore. Upon touching the alluvial soil the strands grew into tall sedges.

Considering the legend of how sedges came to Kim Son (Gold Mountain) it should come as no surprise that it is now home to the largest production of sedge handicrafts in Vietnam. With sedge, the people make many products such as mats, carpets, baskets, trays, boxes, and even plates, all of which are exported to about 20 countries worldwide.