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The launching ceremony of the project “Promotion of supply and demand for Eco-fair Agi-food in Vietnam”

On November 24, the launching ceremony of the project “Promotion of supply and demand for Eco-fair Agi-food in Vietnam ” (Eco-Fair Project) sponsored by the European Commission, was successfully held at Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel, No. 5 Tu Hoa, Tay Ho, Hanoi. The launching ceremony was attended by 149 guests, including 94 offline guests and 55 online guests via Zoom. The launching ceremony has the participation of state agencies, embassies, domestic and foreign organizations, businesses, and press and media agencies.

The launching ceremony was honor to receive H.E. Mr. Kari Kahiluoto, Ambassador of Finland Embassy in Vietnam; Mr. Koen Duchateau, Head of Cooperation and Ms. Paulina Gajewska, Head of Finance and contract, EU Delegation to Vietnam,Mr. Le Duc Thinh, Director, Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and representative from Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry of  Industry and Trade.

The project “Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair Agri-food processing products in Vietnam (Eco-Fair) ”, which is funded by the European Union and ledby Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institutewith co-implementing partners are Centre For Creativity and Sustainability (CCS), Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre Co. Ltd (VNCPC)and  Funzilife Ltd.

The Overall objective of project: To promote sustainable production and consumption of eco-fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam, to contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction and the development of sustainable livelihoods and a green economy for a transition toward a low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy in Vietnam. The project will be implemented for 36 months, from April 2020 – April 2023.

The Eco-Fair project was born with a mission of changing the behavior of individuals and organizations in order to exert the most positive measures on environmental change. We – the project developers, together with our partners, intend to inspire the values of environmental sustainability through the implementation of project activities such as capacity building, awareness raising, building support networks, and encouraging the development of government policies that support these aims.

Mr. Mr. Koen Duchateau, Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Vietnam said: “The EU’s Green Deal is the growth agenda for Europe in the next decades, aiming at promoting circularity in energy-intense sectors, ensuring greener and more sustainable food processing, setting ambitious standards for products, reducing food losses and waste and empowering consumers in their daily choices for products and services. This new EU SWITCH-Asia project presents a great opportunity for Vietnam to promote a systemic approach of the agri-food sector by engaging value chain stakeholders and policy-makers to achieve the SWITCH to more sustainable consumption and production!”

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Nguyễn Bảo Thoa, VIRI’s director, said: “Eco-fair products are reputable in regard to their quality and health benefits, and consumers can use them safely. Consumption of sustainable products gives consumers the feeling of doing something meaningful and represents the demonstration of positive values in changing the negative trends of modern-day human consumption. They help to reduce the negative impacts of human consumption on many aspects of the natural environment such as pollution, soil erosion, and shortages in resources. By choosing these products, consumers help to change the mindset of society in general and contribute to the promotion of sustainable development for generations to come.”

For further information about the Eco-Fair project, please kindly:

– Visit website: https://ecofair.vn/

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