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Meeting with Mr Yuzo Hirano – VHJ Company

On March 20, 2024, the Vietnam Institute for Rural Industry Research and Development welcomed Mr. Yuzo Hirano – Chairman of VHJ company. At the meeting, Mr. Yuzo Hirano shared his intention to search for typical products of Vietnamese localities and production groups with the goal of introducing these products to Japanese customers. At the same time, it creates opportunities to support the improvement of economic conditions of small production groups, ethnic groups, and disadvantaged groups in Vietnam. VHJ Company will act as a bridge of happiness between Vietnam and Japan. Therefore, VIRI introduced to Mr. Yuzo Hirano some products from the groups and units which have been supporting throughout 26 years of VIRI’s operation such as: Shan Tuyet tea, ethnic brocade… Hopefully in in the near future, these products will soon appear on the Japanese market.