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European Union Delegation visited 3T Cooperative in Hoa Binh province

On April 29th, the Supply and Demand for Eco-Fair Agri-Food processing in Vietnam, known as the Eco-Fair project, had the great honor to welcome Mr. Jean-Louis VILLE, Acting Director INTPA, Head of Unit – East, South-East Asia and Pacific, and the EU Delegation to Vietnam to visit the Eco-Fair model 3T Cooperative in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province.

Dr. Nguyen Bao Thoa, director of VIRI and the Eco-Fair project made a brief introduction about the project, and highlighted some of the results of the project to date.

The 3T Cooperative has received support from the Eco-Fair project in a variety of areas including capacity building in sustainable production; quick assessment of their Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production; pest control and soil enhancements  using eco-friendly methods such as plan-parasitic nematode control; and also in the development  of new  products derived from oranges such as orange detoxifying tea,  condensed orange juice, dried orange products, as well as others.

Mr. Jean-Louis VILLE highly appreciates the activities  of the Eco-Fair project and 3T Cooperative in aiding the transition to environmentally friendly agricultural practices. These practices also being in combination with methods of processing that  increase efficiency and add to the value of the resulting agricultural products. Although the process of transition is still being developed, Mr. Jean-Louis VILLE and the EU Delegation to Vietnam enthusiastically  encouraged in the continued efforts of the 3T Cooperative to become a  pioneer  in the areas represented within the eco-fair philosophy.