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Seminar to introduce the Code of Conduct for Responsible and Green Consumption


On May 11, 2023, the project ” Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam” (Eco Fair project), funded by the European Union under the SWITCH Asia program, in collaboration with the Vietnam Consumers Protection Association (VICOPRO), organized a seminar to introduce the Code of Conduct for Responsible and Green Consumption. The Eco Fair project, led by the Vietnam Institute of Research and Rural Development (VIRI), in collaboration with the Center for Research, Consulting, Innovation, and Sustainable Development (CCS), Vietnam Cleaner Production Center Co. Ltd (VNCPC), and Funzilife Oy. Ltd (FUNZI).

Attending in the seminar were representatives of Mrs. Nguyen Quynh Nga: Chairwoman of the National Competition Committee – Ministry of Industry and Trade; Ms. Le Thi Hang – Vietnam Food Safety Authority – Ministry of Health; Representatives of Associations: Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, Association of Food Transparency, Vietnam Fisheries Society, Vietnam Dairy Association, Traditional Fish Sauce Association; as well as representatives from various organizations, associations, and a large number of supportive consumers who endorse Responsible and Green Consumption.

As we know, sustainable production and consumption are one of the most effective methods to achieve a balance of benefits in terms of the economy, society, and the environment. They contribute to green and sustainable growth of nations, while also enhancing the quality of life without compromising the resource needs of future generations.

Currently, consumers are increasingly concerned about responsible and sustainable consumption, as well as environmentally-friendly products and services, from production to consumption and product use. Modern consumers not only demand intelligent quality, but also deep understanding of the social and human aspects of each product. Production and consumption are closely related and mutually reinforcing. Consumers support products that are produced using sustainable methods, and businesses are required to implement sustainable production practices to gain customer support. The development of sustainable consumption and production will bring positive impacts to individuals, society, and the environment.

However, this concern is mainly focused on certain customer groups, as there are still consumers who do not prioritize sustainable consumption. Sustainable consumption behaviors require commitment and determination to maintain. Each small change in production and consumption behavior can bring us closer to the goal of having a healthier and more harmonious living environment in tune with nature. Therefore, continuous and long-term efforts are needed to promote and raise awareness of sustainable and responsible consumption. Promotional activities and dissemination of sustainable consumption behaviors should be carried out more extensively to enhance consumer awareness. At the same time, consumer rights must be ensured.

One of the important objectives of the project is to raise awareness among the consumer community about sustainable consumption and build a network of eco-fair consumption. Within the framework of the Eco Fair project, the Vietnam Consumers Protection Association, in collaboration with the Vietnam Rural Industry Research and Development Institute, has developed the Code of Conduct for Responsible and Green Consumption in the field of food production and business in Vietnam. This document serves as a basis for calling on businesses of all scales involved in food production, processing, trade, promotion, distribution, and service, as well as relevant stakeholders in the food system, to unite and work towards a sustainable food system, serving responsible and green consumption and making meaningful contributions to achieving the set goals. It is a highly significant document for the community and society.

By participating in the Code of Conduct for Responsible and Green Consumption, businesses will enhance their reputation, build a positive image with the surrounding community and public opinion, and their products will be better received by the community, creating long-term business opportunities and sustainable profits.

The signing ceremony to support Responsible and Green Consumption at the seminar clearly demonstrated the high level of agreement among the participating entities in the journey towards sustainable production and consumption. As the Chairman of the Thang Long Consumer Club shared, “We all understand that consumption now is not just for ourselves but also for future generations.” The representative of the Competition Commission also highly praised the Code of Conduct and the initiatives aimed at serving the purpose of sustainable consumption by the Vietnam Consumers Protection Association.

And finally, let us change our production and consumption habits for a sustainable future.