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VIRI won the ASEAN Award for Rural Development and Poverty Reduction


The ASEAN Award for Rural Development and Poverty Eradication represents a very meaningful recognition for the work of the Vietnam Institute for Rural Industry Research and Development (VIRI).

With the support of government departments, local authorities, industry experts, and her dedicated VIRI staff members, Dr. Thoa has led VIRI in implementing many positive impacts in regard to
sustainable production, effective use of resources, minimizing the impacts of 
climate change, and making connections for these aspects within national and international markets. These activities have led to the significant improvement of livelihoods within the project areas, as well as to eliminating hunger and reducing poverty.

The results cited below are a testament to Dr. Thoa’s leadership as Project Director of VIRI’s development projects. Namely the projects for, “Promoting supply and demand for agri-food processing products from Vietnam”, 
funded by the European Union – SWITCHAsia (2020-2023), “Sustainable production and responsible consumption for livelihood development and Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation”  funded by USAID (2020-2021), as well as others.

In the past twenty-six years, VIRI has supported 60,000 households who have experienced direct benefits from the programs VIRI has introduced, improving countless livelihoods. Among these beneficiaries, 80% have been women; 1,200 businesses were trained; Intensive support was given to over 300 businesses and cooperatives; 500,000 people were trained on sustainable consumption; 70 technologies were successfully transferred to people; 1,200 communication and awareness raising events were conducted;  exports to 20 new markets were supported.

VIRI has worked in 53/64 provinces and cities nationwide, especially in the mountain areas, where there are many ethnic minorities and impoverished people. VIRI has organized and participated in many events with the active participation of ethnic minorities and the poor. In this, VIRI has received support from leaders at all levels as well as international and domestic organizations.

Along with 120 applied research projects, of which over 70 projects have achieved a level of actual production, through its various programs, VIRI has brought practical benefits to over 300 production groups and 60,000 beneficiary households.

Many companies directly supported by VIRI have become pioneering enterprises and cooperatives 
in environmentally and socially responsible business, making an
important contribution to sustainable socio-economic development in their localities.

VIRI is honored to receive this ASEAN Award, and considers it to be a very meaningful recognition, which offers encouragement to continue their work well into the future. In this, VIRI would also like to acknowledge the many dedicated members of the communities who have participated in these programs. As well as partner organizations, local ministries and branches, there have been many individuals who have worked together in a devoted way to achieve these mandates. VIRI would also like to acknowledge all of them in the achievement of their goals.

There is still much work to be done in regard to rural development on many fronts, and VIRI wishes to continue working side by side with organizations and localities in the sustainable development of rural industries, as well as in  sharing experiences and knowledge with organizations throughout the Asean region.

VIRI would like to sincerely thank our partners, sponsors, collaborators, ministries and branches for their collaboration and support.Especially, we would like to give our sincere thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for this recommendation.