RDC has over 15 years of experience in rural development consultancy activities. RDC has provided consultancy to over 40 business partners with hundreds of projects in Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia. It specialises in conducting surveys and undertaking research, offering training and coaching courses (for producers, local trainers, businesses, and local authorities), consultancy (technical support, feasibility studies, project monitoring and evaluation, participatory project and sub-project planning) and the direct implementation of development projects (as a project executive agency).

Its specific expertise includes:

Livelihood Improvement: RDC is a pioneer in the field of livelihood improvement in Vietnam with its marketdriven approach. With its broad understanding of the market, processing technology and business management, RDC can help local producers and SMEs to effectively explore local resources and transform them into marketable value-added products.

Integrated Community Development (ICD) and Local Economic Development (LED): RDC focuses on developing local leadership and empowering local communities to overcome difficult problems on their own. RDC also supports communes to draft Commune Action Plans (CAP) and Commune Investment Plans (CIP) which cover different components such as land use planning, agro-forestry development, value added and livelihood improvement, and the development of rural small infrastructure.

Development of non-timber forest products (NTFP): NTFPs play a vital role in sustaining rural communities in Vietnam, particularly those living close to forest areas. RDC provides practical solutions for developing a wide array of NTFPs, such as resins, mushrooms, bamboo, rattan, and medicinal plants. RDC also operates the Vietnam Rattan Network, a member of the International Bamboo and Rattan Network (INBAR) which includes over 300 members from 26 provinces in Vietnam