Sustainable development enables the advancement of the quality of life, while preserving the environment to enable future generations to have the same aspirations. In a world confronting natural resource depletion, environmental pressures and the impact of climate change, communities that adopt strategies embracing the principles of sustainable development are more likely to become successful global competitors.

SDC was established in response to the pressing issues related to the affects of climate change on rural industries and indigenous peoples. It was started by a group of experienced scientists, researchers and socially responsible enterprises with a vision to think globally and act locally in the arena of sustainable development.

SDC provides services in training, research and consultancy with a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development. With due consideration for the social, economic and environmental issues related to sustainable development, the SDC has prioritised issues related to cleaner production, climate change, indigenous development and natural resource management during the 2010-2015 period.

Cleaner Production: SDC delivers added value services to enterprises, communities and other stakeholders working in the field of rural industries, especially handicraft production, food processing and tourism. The key services include: information dissemination and awareness raising; professional training; on-site assessments and demonstrations; policy advice; and support for the transfer of environmentally-sound technologies.

Climate Change: Climate change is affecting agriculture across Vietnam and threatens the food security of thousands of people who depend on small-scale subsistence farming for their survival. SDC undertakes research specific to the interests of central and local government and development organisations in order to broaden and deepen understanding of issues related to climate change and agricultural development, with a particular focus on general and rural industries. SDC also implements various activities including capacity building, lobbying, advocacy and networking at various levels related to rural industries and climate change.

Natural Resource Management: SDC provides solutions to secure access to natural resources and to the technologies that exploit these resources in a productive and sustainable manner. SDC’s approach is to manage natural resources through the community/indigenous people, supporting them in rebuilding their livelihoods based on natural resources and to restore their ‘lost’ knowledge using the communities’ cultural identity and pride as driving forces for change.

Indigenous Development: SDC promotes indigenous development based on the right to self-determination. Activities include experience exchanges, knowledge and skills on indigenous technology and innovations, as well as good practices related to community-based socioeconomic development. Indigenous experts are also mobilised to provide training and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and introduction of appropriate technology and techniques through sub-regional and regional workshops and conferences